As an avid podcast subscriber, I was excited to be asked to participate in the recording of two podcasts. Sitting down with a microphone pointed at your mouth and hoping (desperately) to not stumble on words turned out to be a bit scarier than I anticipated. Now the podcasts are posted for your listening pleasure.

Heather Lucas prepares to interview Amy Rowley for Podcasts For Good, a production of Washington State’s Combined Fund Drive.

Learn more about the mission of The Mayday Foundation and how together we are limiting the financial distress of local families coping with a cancer diagnosis.

Podcasts for Good

The Washington State Combined Fund Drive presents Podcasts for Good as a way for state employees to learn more about member charities. Each month Fiscal and Policy Coordinator Heather Lucas interviews a non-profit leader. In September, we talked about medical bills and financial toxicity.  To hear the full podcast featuring The Mayday Foundation, click here.

Future of Health

Providence Regional Cancer System believes survivorship begins on the day a cancer patient is diagnosed. Listen to The Mayday Foundation talk Providence leaders, Dr. Cobie Whitten, Ryan Moore and Mary Renouf about coping specifically with breast cancer. This podcast aired on October 16 to support other educational efforts surrounding breast cancer screening and treatment. To listen to this joint podcast with Providence, please click here.

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