How will you use the extra 1,440 minutes in your Leap Day?  

We’re looking for 29 people to donate $29 to our Family Support Fund.  These are the dollars that help local families coping with cancer while raising kids at home.  The Family Support Fund pays household expenses like rent, utilities, gas and groceries to families who live or receive cancer treatment in Thurston, Grays Harbor and Lewis counties.

“Thank you so much for paying my rent. You have no idea the weight it lifts off me to not have to worry about how I’m going to feed my little girl or having to worry about having a roof over our heads.  You guys are a life saver!  I can’t thank you enough,” single mom with a six-year-old daughter in Olympia.

Did you know almost 99% of every $1 goes back into our community in the way of short-term, practical financial assistance?


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