I may be the only Seattle Mariners fan hoping for complicated officiating calls during a game. It’s purely selfish because each time Jared Sandberg, the M’s Major League field coordinator, picks up the dugout phone, a donation is given to The Mayday Foundation.

“If there is a close call on the field or a rules check, I will call our video staffer in the tunnel. He can look at multiple monitors and slow down the play to check to see if the decision on the field was correct,” explained Sandberg. If the field decision should be challenged, Sandberg gives a nod to manager Scott Servais.

Seattle mariners coach

Seattle Mariners field manager, Jared Sandberg, makes a donation to The Mayday Foundation each time he picks up the phone to request a review of a call on the field. Photo courtesy Jared Sandberg

Sandberg says sometimes he may ask for a replay four or five times a game. “And, other games are called very clean and I don’t pick up the phone at all,” he said.

An Olympia native, Sandberg returned home at the start of this baseball season as a Mariners coach.  “I’ve been away from home during baseball season since high school,” said Sandberg, who is raising two kids in Olympia with his wife, Julie. “It was a no brainer to come home, be closer to family and put on the hometown Mariners’ uniform.”

Being raised in the Pacific Northwest also gave Sandberg a unique opportunity to impact his local community. “I’m excited to get involved in as many organizations, charities and events as I can throughout the years I am here,” he said.

Sandberg’s connection to the mission of The Mayday Foundation is personal, as well as geographically significant.  “Cancer has impacted my immediate family. I know about the daily struggle for families coping with cancer and I’m pleased to support The Mayday Foundation’s mission to provide immediate, practical financial support for Olympia families,” said Sandberg.

Sandberg’s creative donation raises awareness of the impact of financial toxicity to local families.  Along with the Sandberg family, more than 150 generous donors have chosen to support the mission of The Mayday Foundation. It’s our goal that local families are able to avoid bankruptcy and stay in their own homes while coping with cancer. Donations of all sizes have made it possible to pay mortgages, send rent to landlords, cover utility bills and distribute gas and grocery cards to families. 

Thanks, Jared, for giving back to your community.

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