You are going to relish the inaugural Pickleball Pandemonium.  We know it’s your first time participating in a fundraising tournament like this because it’s the first time it’s ever been done!  Come to the event with a smile on your face, a competitive spirit in the name of fundraising and a bit of flexibility as the evening unfolds. And, the #1 rule (after having fun!) is that the rules could change at any time.

I am a pickleball enthusiast.  Will I have fun?

Absolutely!  If you can set aside your expectations of playing in a traditional tournament, you will have a blast.  And, maybe someone will even want to buy you as their partner. Register now.

I know nothing about pickleball.  Will I have fun?

Definitely! No athletic skills or understanding of the rules of pickleball are required.  Join us!

How does the registration fee make a difference?

So glad you asked! We have a few costs (think: court rental, snacks) for this event, but the overhead is quite minimal thanks to business sponsors.  Most of your $50 team registration heads directly to our Family Support Fund, providing short-term, practical financial assistance to families coping with cancer while raising kids at home.  Nearly 99% of all dollars raised by The Mayday Foundation supports local families in Thurston, Grays Harbor and Lewis counties.

What are the rules of play?

Pickleball Pandemonium will be set up as a tournament, ending in a championship game. With four pickleball courts at Steamboat Tennis & Athletic Club, there will be eight teams playing at a time. Pairs will play games to six points, winning by two points. We estimate games will be about 10 minutes in length. Pairs will then either proceed to the winners bracket or the losers bracket.  Each pair will be guaranteed two games.

A few more things about the game:

  • Please serve underhand.
  • We trust you to use the honor system when the ball lands near the line. If you unsure, please give the advantage/point to your competitor.
  • Adults only, please.  Volunteer opportunities are welcome to teenagers, but the event will be limited to adults.
  • Pickleball volleys are the highlight of a match.  If you are a superstar, you may want to hold back a bit since many participants in this tourney will be playing for the first time.
  • We are not going to be too technical on which member of the pair serves, but please try to take turns to keep the game interesting for everyone.
  • Remember to wear athletic shoes.  We don’t want you to be eliminated in the first round because you tried to play in sparkly heels. We want Steamboat Tennis & Athletic Club to welcome us back next year and any damage to the floor is  really going to suck.
  • We are making this up as we go along so there may be some things that work well and some other aspects of the evening that have to shift in the moment.  Plan to be flexible and understanding.

Cheating is encouraged?!?! What’s this all about?

Well, let’s call it “buying advantages” rather than cheating.  We want all players to follow some general guidelines (see above) but have set up advantages to raise more money for our mission and keep the game lighthearted and slightly crazy.

All advantages will be posted at least one day in advance of the event but here are a sample of a few that are likely to make the list.

  • Purchase a serve do-over – 1 ticket
  • Buy a point before the game starts – 2 tickets
  • Steal a player from another team – 5 tickets
  • Invent a new rule – 5 tickets
  • Play with a pickleball pro – 20 tickets
  • Buy the dang trophy (!!) – let’s talk 🙂

Some advantages will only be available during the early rounds of the tournament.  Most advantages will only be able to be used once to help keep play moving.

I am ready to register.  What do I do now?

We can accommodate a limited number of teams so block the date on your calendar and then make two clicks to become a part of this chaotic and crazy fundraiser.

  • Click 1: Head over to our Pickleball Pandemonium and give us your info.
  • Click 2: Finalize by clicking submit registration.
  • You are in!

I get hungry when I play pickleball.  What’s to eat during the event?

Yes, we scheduled an event during dinner time, but, no we are not serving dinner. Annoying, right? This is year one and we are going to learn a lot, including how to handle food in future years. To keep costs low and allow our volunteers to focus on running the tournament, we are not going to have an extensive food line-up. However, we will have some snacks to keep you energized for your next game. Steamboat Tennis & Athletic Club also sells beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. Proceeds from drink sales stay with the club. Please bring your own water bottle.

Can we wear a costume?

Yes or yes!! Costumes are strongly encouraged. Pick a team name and then perhaps a costume idea will come to you easily. If all else fails, throw on a sparkly tutu and a crazy hat – those things always go with athletic shoes.

Is there an opportunity for my business to sponsor the event?

Yes!  Please email Amy Rowley to discuss sponsorship opportunities.  Since this is the inaugural tournament, the sponsorship opportunities are quite affordable.

How do I win?

It’s likely that the most successful team in this tournament will not be the best pickleball players.  You can scam and swindle your way to the top of the podium. You can also just show up and play a good game. But, if you are already registered, you are a winner in our books!

I have more questions that are not answered above. Who do I talk to?

Please reach out to Amy Rowley with questions, comments, feedback, ideas or suggestions.  All are welcome!  You can reach Amy at or at 206-498-7444.

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