Give Local 2021, our community’s celebration of local generosity, begins today through November 19. During Give Local, The Mayday Foundation is sharing our story along with over 90 other local nonprofits, all working to uplift our communities.

Let’s clear up a few questions that pop up around Give Local.

1. What is the advantage of donating to The Mayday Foundation during Give Local? Would it be “better” to give to Mayday directly rather than through Give Local?

There are a couple of reasons why participating in Give Local benefits The Mayday Foundation.

  • Thanks to generous supporters, the Community Foundation covers all credit card transaction fee which usually amount to about 3-5%.  So your $100 heads directly to Mayday rather than donating $95 and $5 being paid to the credit card company.
  • Also, the more Mayday raises during Give Local, the more we will be able to access the $100,000 Bonus Fund. It’s a somewhat complicated math equation, but generally speaking, the more Mayday raises during Give Local, the more of the Bonus Fund we’ll be eligible to receive.  (And that’s extra money going directly to Mayday’s mission.) You can read more about the Bonus Fund here.
  • It’s a great chance to share Mayday with new donors.  The filter and search features on Give Local’s website allows us to connect with people who may care about our mission but had not heard about Mayday before Give Local.

2. Does Mayday get the funds I donate?

  • Yes!! The Mayday Foundation receives 100% of the funds donated to our story during Give Local.  The money passes through the Community Foundation but there are no fees or percentages reduced.  Your $100 donation goes directly to Mayday’s mission.

3.  Any other things I should consider before donating through Give Local?

  • On Wednesday, November 10 and November 17, every donation of $5 or more is entered to win a $100 donation to a non-profit of their choice.  Wednesdays are a great day to give.
  • In 2019, the Bonus Fund resulted in over $4,000 extra dollars too Mayday.  Participating in Give Local is an excellent way to stretch your donation even further.
  • Give Local ends on Friday, November 19.  Donate to Mayday by clicking here.

Thank you for considering a donation to The Mayday Foundation.  As a reminder, The Mayday Foundation believes that no family should be forced out of their home or into bankruptcy as a result of a cancer diagnosis.  We provide immediate, practical financial support to local families coping with cancer while raising kids at home.

To learn more about Give Local, visit or click on Mayday’s specific story.

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