A head of iceberg lettuce costs almost 60% less than its leafy, nutritionally superior, neighbor. However, when your family’s budget has been slashed due to a loss of income and increased medical bills, and you are weighing the ability to get more for your dollar, the iceberg variety will likely be put in the shopping cart.  

Cancer patients frequently hear about studies showing that eating vegetables can have a helpful effect on improving survival rates and decreasing recurrence risk. But, for many parents coping with cancer, a focus on healthy eating and a desire to increase their family’s intake of vegetables can often be at odds with their bank account. Grocery cards from The Mayday Foundation help families cover their food costs, but we wanted to go a bit further and lessen the financial impact of choosing healthy food.

Olympia local produce

Each week, seven Mayday families will pick up a box of locally grown produce to serve to their families. The partnership between The Mayday Foundation and GRuB brings healthy food directly to the tables of families coping with cancer. Photo courtesy: GRuB

This summer, seven families supported by The Mayday Foundation will receive a weekly box from GRuB, an Olympia-based farm and non-profit organization. Each year, GRuB directly engages approximately 650 Thurston County residents of all ages in relationships-based programming around growing and preparing good food. The Mayday Foundation is the latest partner to help families get fresh, locally grown produce onto their tables throughout the summer harvest season.

“This is a great opportunity to get sustainably grown, fresh from the field food to families that are in the midst of a life changing experience. Being able to nourish our family is one of the most basic of needs, and to make that easier for people dealing with cancer feels like a gift,” said GRuB’s Farm Manager, Heather Rudich who recognizes the cost impact of buying organic produce and the overwhelming decision making at the grocery store.

Along with their produce box, Mayday families will receive a weekly newsletter informing them of what’s happening within the GRuB community. “I hope the families look forward to coming to the farm each week to get their share, and I hope that they feel well fed and nourished,” said Rudich.

“It is a goal of ours on the farm to make good food available to all people, especially those that might otherwise have a challenging time accessing it. We provide shares to seniors, low income families, and youth in our program. We are happy to expand the reach of the GRuB farm food to the Mayday community and are looking forward to the partnership this summer,” said Rudich in summary.

Stay tuned for stories and photos from Mayday families munching on carrots, putting a salad on the table for their families, and otherwise enjoying the love put into their locally grown food.

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