With the advent of Giving Tuesday (first Tuesday after Thanksgiving), charitable giving has become a large part of the holiday shopping season.  Making a donation can be an elegant alternative for someone who has everything. A charitable donation may also allow you to restore the idea that caring for others is your purpose during the holidays. Or perhaps you feel that giving a charitable donation is a gift that continues to give back.

seed paper heart

A paper heart filled with seeds will be sent to your honoree, along with a handwritten note including your personalized message. Thank you for giving local this holiday season.

Whatever your reason, making a charitable donation is a gift from your heart to someone you love.  At The Mayday Foundation, we send a handwritten note to your honoree and can even add a personalized message from you. And, this holiday season, we are including a paper seed heart mailed with your note to your recipient.  The heart is ready to be planted and will be a reminder of your generosity this spring when flowers sprout.  Alternatively, we can mail you some hearts for you to distribute.

We can get your charitable gift started in four easy steps.

  1. Select an amount! Start by visiting our donation page.
  2. Pick a project or location! Choose to gift to our area of greatest need or pick a project the honoree would feel connected to. You can designate your donation to our Sigrid Hardy Memorial Scholarship fund to help local students with paying for college. Our other project, GG’s Rainy Day Fund, coordinates transportation and other special treats so families can be together during a difficult time.  You can also specify if you would like your donation to support families living in specific counties – Thurston, Grays Harbor, Mason or Lewis.
  3. Tell us who! We’ll ask you for honoree information and a personalized message before you check out. Most notes are sent within 2 business days but we can hold a note until closer to the holidays or send it to you to deliver.
  4. Stay connected!  We recently supported our 60th family with household expenses. This dad is living temporarily in Seattle during a stem cell transplant while his wife and two teenagers are in Lewis County.  We helped this family stay in their home by paying their mortgage and sending a gas/grocery gift card. All our appreciation goes to donors who believe in our mission to make these gifts possible.

Thank you for choosing to give where you live!  Donations are welcome anytime of year. Click here to get started or use the Donate button below.


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