Food for Families Impacted by COVID-19

All gift cards have been distributed. If more funding becomes available, we will update this page.

With deep gratitude to the Grays Harbor Community Foundation and Goldberg Family Charitable Foundation, grocery gift cards are available to Grays Harbor families who need help feeding their family due to COVID-19 job/income loss.

*Please note – completing this form is on the honor system and intended for Grays Harbor families truly in need.  We will also be prioritizing families who may not have received a grocery gift card in the past.

We believe in immediate, practical financial support.  That’s why we are sharing our Food for Families program before we even have the gift cards in hand. To get gift cards out to families as quickly as possible, we are operating under the honor system and ask families to only apply if they truly have need. Gift cards have been ordered from Safeway and will be sent to your home within 7 days.

We have a limited amount of funds for this emergency project.  Once all the gift cards have been distributed, we will update this page to let you know we are out. If you are interested in donating so more families can receive support, please click the donate button.

The Mayday Foundation’s mission is to provide short-term financial support to local families coping with cancer while raising kids at home. During this critical time, we have expanded the mission for Grays Harbor families.

To be eligible to receive a gift card, you must fill out the form below and meet these simple requirements – live in Grays Harbor County, be raising kids at home and have your family’s income impacted by COVID-19 cancellations/closures/isolation/quarantine.  *All information will be kept strictly confidential.* While on a daily basis The Mayday Foundation helps families throughout our region, this emergency funding is limited to Grays Harbor families based on the funding source. If funding opens up from private donations or other grant makers, we will update this page.

The first round of emergency funding, granted to The Mayday Foundation on March 18, was filled within 24 hours. On April 16, the Grays Harbor Community Foundation tripled their support for feeding families in Grays Harbor.  Those grocery gift cards were all spoken for within 24 hours as well. Grays Harbor families, impacted by COVID-19, in need of grocery gift cards are encouraged to complete this quick form.

Please reach out to with any questions.


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