Our May Day basket fundraiser is well underway.  To help facilitate the ordering process (and of course raise more money), here are some answers to frequently asked questions about this *new* way to contribute to The Mayday Foundation mission.

Q: Why the three week delay between ordering and delivery?
We’re working with a wholesale florist and want to provide three weeks lead time to ensure we receive high quality flowers at a reasonable price point.  This decision decreases our costs and maximizes the dollars we can put toward our mission.  Orders are due by Sunday, April 8.  Our volunteer crew will assemble the baskets on April 29 and our delivery crew will drive a route on May 1.  (If you are interested in helping, email baskets@maydayfoundation.org).

Q: What do you think the baskets will look like?
While the actual flowers may vary, expect the basket to look similar to the picture on our ordering page.  It will be 3-5 stems of flowers, wrapped in a paper cone with a ribbon or twine handle.  There will be promotional material explaining the fundraiser and The Mayday Foundation which will be delivered with the basket.

Q: What if I don’t know who I want to deliver the baskets to?
No problem! The delivery address field is required to finish checking out, but you can just enter a note into this field.  You can get back to us with Thurston County addresses when it gets closer or you can simply pick up your order and hand it out to whomever you want to cheer up.

Q: We’re thinking about ordering in bulk.  Can you tell me more?
Hooray!  We are hoping that business owners and marketing managers will consider making a bulk order (more than 10 baskets delivered to one address).  We’ll bring all the baskets to you and you can hand them out to customers, patients, visitors, and other guests on May Day.

Q: I would like to send a basket to someone who lives outside Thurston County.  Is that an option?
It’s possible we will expand our delivery routes next year but for our first year running this fundraiser we are limiting the delivery to Thurston County.  Consider buying one of our virtual May Day baskets.  We’ll email the recipient an e-bouquet and let them know it was a donation to The Mayday Foundation.

Q: If I order a virtual basket, will you spam the email account?
No way!  We will send one email that has a picture of a May Day basket and a short note about the donation.  No other emails will be sent and the recipient will not be enrolled in our newsletter (unless they opt in, of course).

Have a question that’s not answered above?  Send a note to baskets@maydayfoundation.org and we’ll get back to you promptly.

To move forward with your order, visit our May Day basket fundraising page.

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