In August, The Mayday Foundation reached out to families supported in the past 18 months.  It’s been a little while since The Mayday Foundation shared how your generosity makes an impact.  A few facts to set the stage:

  • Since inception in January 2018, The Mayday Foundation has helped 81 local families coping with cancer while raising kids at home.
  • Short-term financial support is focused on household expenses – costs like rent/mortgage, utilities, gas and groceries – for families in Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor and Mason counties.
  • This year, 21 families, representing 34 kids, have receiving short-term practical financial support.
  • In addition 9 families are benefiting from our annual Holiday Healing program, matching donors with families in need to provide a bright holiday when finances are tight.

Over the past 18 months, no family supported by Mayday has lost their home or been forced to move. Some have chosen to move, but none have been forced and an overwhelming number of families have simply stayed in their home.

We believe that no one should be forced out of their home or into bankruptcy as a result of a cancer diagnosis. As a result, we work very hard to prioritize funds to rent and mortgage so families can stay in their own home, simplifying life while they focus on cancer treatment.

Year to date, The Mayday Foundation has distributed more than $13,000 in gas and grocery gift cards, including purchasing 7 produce shares this summer from GRuB. Having money to buy healthy food is so critical to cancer patients who are repeatedly told to eat healthy fruits and vegetables and to buy organic produce as much as possible.  When finances are tight, it’s challenging to build these expensive items in the budget.

“We’re trying to adjust our food buying habits – this one is tough because we really worked at buying organic, local, and high quality food for our family. That gets very expensive. It’s difficult to swallow the idea that now that she is sick we need to put lower quality food into our bodies,” said a Mayday family when first reaching out for support.

Over the past 18 months, 58% of our families are dealing with a mother’s breast cancer diagnosis. More than half of those cancer patients are single moms, which creates an even larger financial hurdle since there is no ability to earn a second income.

“The Mayday Foundation has helped dramatically reduce the amount of stress cancer has created. During treatment working is difficult, from all the side effects, so income into a single parent home was basically non existent. The Mayday Foundation helped with my mortgage and utilities for a few months so I could pay my medical bills and keep my house. Anyone going through cancer needs to be able to focus on their treatment and fight cancer so they can survive. They should not have to worry about how they will financially live. I can’t express my gratitude enough. I am so grateful!”

If you would like to donate to support Mayday’s mission to keep local families in their home while coping with cancer, please click here.  Your gift makes a difference!

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