TL did what so many of us do, wonder about some small abnormality on our body but by being a busy working mom going to the doctor gets put off.  For TL, a single mom with a 15-year-old high school student at home, the result of a trip to the dentist and subsequent visit to an ENT doctor confirmed her worst suspicions – cancer.  “By the time I saw the dentist in February, the small pin size bump under my tongue was the size of two marbles and I couldn’t eat or drink,” she said.

Surgery occurred in late March, leaving TL in the hospital for 11 days and a scar that extends from her lower lip to her chin, seven inches down her neck and up behind her ear.  A skin graft from her wrist was placed into her mouth along with a metal plate.  Another skin graft from her left thigh was used on her wrist.  She began radiation at Providence Regional Cancer Clinic earlier this month and will have six weeks of treatment.

TL has worked as a caregiver and CNA for over 20 years.  “My employer has been so patient and is holding my job for when I get better.  I just don’t want to be homeless while trying to get healthy,” she says.

TL is relying on her mom and sister (who both live over 20 miles away) to get to the cancer clinic daily for radiation. The Mayday Foundation will be assisting with rent, utilities and grocery and gas gift cards while TL heals. To learn how you can help families like TL, visit our Donations page.

The Mayday Foundation is a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization that supports families with a parent diagnosed with cancer while caring for children at home. The Mayday Foundation can provide immediate, practical help with expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, transportation costs, and other household expenses. For tax purposes, our EIN is 82-3914026.


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