Working in the medical field, CD knows exactly the burden a cancer diagnosis can place on a family.

When an oncologist recommended CD treat her cervical cancer with chemotherapy and radiation, she says she was surprised.  She thought a hysterectomy would take care of the cancer.  As she faces the side effects of chemo and 30 daily visits for radiation, she has had to take a three month unpaid leave of absence from her job.

Although her husband works, CD’s income is the main support for her family.  Together they are raising three active boys and live with two other family members too.

CD lives in East Grays Harbor County and has chosen to have treatment at Providence Regional Cancer Center in Lacey. The Mayday Foundation will initially be assisting CD with offsetting the cost of gas and groceries.  Feeding her family and ensuring she can pay for gas to get to treatments will relieve a burden from her lost income.

The Mayday Foundation assists families that live in Thurston County or are receiving treatment in Thurston County.  Since Providence covers multiple counties we have added a new option to our donation form.  You can earmark your funds to specifically assist Grays Harbor families (like CD).  We’ll handle the record keeping and make sure your dollars support people in your neighborhood.

The Mayday Foundation is a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization that supports families with a parent diagnosed with cancer while caring for children at home. The Mayday Foundation can provide immediate, practical help with expenses like rent, utilities, groceries, transportation costs, and other household expenses. 


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