Sometimes the health care you need is more than one hour from your home.  The cost of gas for C.H.’s husband to drive her to daily radiation appointments is astronomical.  Enter The Mayday Foundation!

Living in Hoquiam, the married couple is raising three school-aged children.  A long haul trucker, C.H.’s husband had to temporarily stop working to help her manage her extensive cancer treatment. “We hope it’s a long fight,” said C.H.’s husband when reflecting on the cancer metastasis throughout her body.

The family must travel about 90 minutes each way for C.H. to receive Gamma Knife radiation therapy at Providence Regional Cancer System in Lacey. The Mayday Foundation is able to provide gas cards to offset the transportation costs. The first gas card was mailed the same day the family reached out for support. In addition, the family’s water bill has been paid in full. Financial support for the family’s home mortgage is also on the horizon.  It’s due to generous donors that The Mayday Foundation is able to make life a little brighter for families.

The Mayday Foundation provides immediate, practical financial support to local families coping with cancer while raising kids at home.  We believe no family should be forced to move or file for bankruptcy as a result of their cancer diagnosis.  To support families like C.H. through their cancer treatments, please consider making a donation.  Almost 100% of all donations go directly to families since operational expenses are covered by a donor.

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